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The Bullpen specializes in mastering the art and science of achieving successful scalable, sales orgs for preseed to series A companies. From go-to-market strategies, product market fit, to even dialing and driving sales leads

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The Bullpen is trusted by 60+ pre-seed to series A companies

Convert from product-led company to outbound sales org

Identify your buyers, build a go-to-market plan, and execute.

Fractional CRO. Sales leadership

Build a sales organization, train leaders, create sales processes, start making revenue - The Bullpen has created over $150MM in revenue for past clients.

Create a pipeline of closed deals to help raise capital

Past clients of The Bullpen has raised over $83MM in funding due to The Bullpen’s pipeline building efforts.


Enhancing Your Experience
with Excellence

Go To Market

Having an effective Go-To-Market strategy is about knowing your audience, your product, and knowing their pain points. Then you can learn how to most effectively communicate (and sell) to them!

Who to sell to?

Who is your target audience, and what is their persona? What are their specific pain points? Are they the decision maker?

How to sell?

What are their pain points, and how do we communicate this clearly to our audience?

Sales Leadership

It’s not always just about driving short-term sales, but building a sales org that can grow with your business. What processes are most effective, and how do we build an effective, scalable sales org?

Sales Processes

Create effective sales processes and scale them effectively to your junior reps, creating a framework that enables them to be successful.


Quickly scale up your Junior Reps to Senior reps - make your team more effective, while still paying them junior money.

Sales Targeting

Learning how to effectively create targets/leads gives your sales team laser-like precision. You want targeted success/growth.

Sales Leadership

Building a team, hiring sales leadership, and training them - this is what The Bullpen excells at.

Closing Revenue / Increasing Pipeline

Your sales pipeline is the lifeblood of your business, but the biggest headache in your life. We help you to lose the pain while increasing the profit in your business.

Salesforce hiring

Effectively (and quickly) hiring up a sales force is a tedious project - creating a sales force of top performers can feel impossible. We can help.

Book meetings

Our team of 10 BDRs literally spend all day booking meetings for you. Spend less time on cold calls and more time on your business.

Level up leadership

Train your company’s leadership on best sales practices as done by former Fortune 100 companies.

Our Process

Unleashing Your Sales Power

Sales is the word that every business needs but also loves to hate. But by harnessing sales to power your business, you open yourself up to new opportunities (and revenue streams).

  • 1

    Empower your business

    Raising money is never easier than when you can prove a steady revenue stream. The Bullpen can help you get there.

  • 2

    Become a sales organization

    By better refining your sales process and targeting your ideal customer, you can diversify your revenue streams and bring stability to your business.

  • 3

    Tailored Solutions for Growth

    The Bullpen has a vast experience doing everything from leadership training to sales reorganizations to even driving leads.